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Established in 1984, Coastal Marine Services, Inc., has provided Insulation & Lagging services, and now Deck Covering services as a Prime and Sub Contractor in San Diego, CA, Puget Sound of Washington, Norfolk, VA and Mayport, FL.




A properly designed, specified, installed, and maintained insulation system is an investment with rapid returns, with paybacks in often less than a year.




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CMSI is yet to fail a job or default on a contract thanks to our decicated crew and innovative leaders.

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Corporate Office - San Diego, CA 2255 National Ave San Diego, CA 92113 phone: (619) 291-8176 fax: (619) 291-8179 info@coastalmarineservices.com

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With 4 Major Locations Services Hundreds of Bases and Vessels, CMSI has what it takes to complete and support any job at any size.

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Updated 10-12-2012

Coastal Marine Services Office Locations
San Diego, CA

Puget Sound, WA

Norfolk, VA

Mayport, FL

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