Seeking Qualified Shipyard Workers

CMSI is always accepting applications for experienced and qualified marine insulation and deck covering professionals. Qualities of considered applicants would consist of a hardworking, motivated and trusting individual that is open minded to new solutions and processes of timeliness, effectiveness, and curteousy to fellow employees as well as the customer. Knowledge of workmanship will be assesed during interview. All Ship Repair Trade experience will be taken into consideration.


Other Positions Available for Consideration:

Administrative Assistant

Only qualified applicants with substantial experience with industry standard office software please. Must be able to display knowledge of standard spreadsheet, document, and 9-Key operations prior to sit down interview. Prior office experience in Production, Estimating, Public Relations, or Contracts Deptpartment a plus, not a must. Looking for a fast paced, highly motivated, and creative individual for day to day admin duties.

Deck Covering Supervisor

Only qualified applicants with substantial experience with Marine Deck Covering please. Must include good team and project management skills, strong knowledge of product and market, and highly motivated to maintain CMSI Customer Relations and productivity standards.



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