About Coastal Marine Services

Established in 1984, Coastal Marine Services, Inc., has provided Insulation & Lagging services, and now Deck Covering services as a Prime and Sub Contractor in San Diego, CA, Puget Sound of Washington, Norfolk, VA and Mayport, FL.




A properly designed, specified, installed, and maintained insulation system is an investment with rapid returns, with paybacks in often less than a year.


Marine Fiberglass Hull Insulation


  • Shipboard hulls, bulkheads, overheads, stiffeners, beams, and ductwork requiring thermal protection.
  • Bulkheads, stiffeners, and beams that require treatment for fire impingement.
  • Shipboard applications requiring USCG fire ratings per USCG No. 164.00 


  • N3A—Plain fiberglass marine hullboard, per MIL-I-742, Ty. II
  • NC3A—N3A hullboard faced with fiberglass cloth per MIL-C-20079, Ty. I, Cl. 2. Finished product meets MIL-I-742, Ty. I.
  • N3A-F (Foil)—N3A hullboard with a 2-mil aluminum foil facing
  • NC3A-GRVD (Grooved)—N3A hullboard, grooved/slotted and faced with perforated fiberglass cloth per MIL-C-20079, Ty. I, Cl. 2
  • NC3A-P—N3A hullboard laminated to high-density waffle board, faced with perforated fiberglass cloth per MIL-C-20079, Ty. I, Cl. 2. Finished product meets MIL-A-23054.
  • Tuffskin 1613—Fiberglass board faced with fiberglass scrim reinforced mylar. Finished product meets MIL-I-22023, Ty. III.
  • Low-K 400 and Low-K 600 - 4lb and 6lb density mineral wool approved for USCG applications.  Available plain, cloth faced, mylar faced or laminated to high density waffle board.





Marine Deck Covering

Years of completed overhauls contracted soley to CMSI Decking Division.

A wide variety of deck coverings, underlayments, and specialty coating systems for marine applications. Designed for both wet and dry spaces in accordance with IMO and U.S Military specifications on military ships, commercial vessels, off-shore platforms, working boats, cruise ships, and ferries.

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CMSI is yet to fail a job or default on a contract thanks to our decicated crew and innovative leaders.

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With 4 Major Locations Services Hundreds of Bases and Vessels, CMSI has what it takes to complete and support any job at any size.

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Coastal Major Offices
WEST COAST South West: Corporate Office - San Diego, CA

EAST COAST North East: Norfolk, VA

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Certified Documents, CMSI Inforrmation, Qualifications and Contact Info

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Corporate Office - San Diego, CA 2255 National Ave San Diego, CA 92113 phone: (619) 291-8176 fax: (619) 291-8179 info@coastalmarineservices.com.